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We have the following materials available if you want to join in the community action against the Mass Transit plan currently being investigated by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

All the materials are free.  We are funding them through donations.  If you would like to donate and help us produce more click here for donation details.  We understand not everyone can afford to donate so it is not a prequisite to getting a sign or a sticker.  They are available to everyone.  

Email us your address and what you want and we will arrange to get them to you. 


Click here to contact us

We have 3 Corflute Signs

600 X 900 mm

Corflute no 3 Consultation1024_1.jpg
Corflute signs-2.jpg
Corflute signs.jpg

Wheelie Bin Stickers

150 X 300mm (OUT OF STOCK)


Car Bumper Stickers

55 X 150mm(OUT OF STOCK)

Picture sticker jan.png
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