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Heavy Rail (CAMCOS)
Now renamed to "Sunshine Coast Direct Line"

A rail line connection between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane has been discussed for almost 20 years but has never come to fruition.  Named CAMCOS (Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study) it was envisaged the project would be a heavy rail line from Brisbane, branching east at Beerwah and taking passengers directly to Caloundra and  on to Maroodydore.   Acording to the Beattie Government in 2007, CAMCOS was supposed to be delivered to Caloundra by 2015 and Maroochydore by 2020. 


Once delivered it was envisaged CAMCOS would provide access and connectivity between the hinterland and coastal communities as well as Brisbane, and to the broader SEQ rail network, with opportunities for new stations, park ‘n’ rides and active transport facilities.  

The land for the corriodor was secured over a decade ago.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council, as part of their mass transit options analysis identified the CAMCOS corridor as an important project but chose to prioritize a mass transit system (preference Light Rail) along the coastal corriodor as the 1st priority for delivery.

SCRC Master Transport Plan
CAMCOS = Red line    Mass Transit - Blue Line

Source SCRC Options Analysis Report Oct 2021

Master transport plan.jpg

Sunshine Coast Direct Line
Current Status

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) is responsible for delivering CAMCOS.  In late 2021 DTMR announced they were revisting CAMCOS because of the 2032 olympics and population growth.  They are currently undertaking a $6 million business case for this project and have renamed it "the Direct Sunshine Coast Rail Line.  The business case is being funded jointly by the Qld State and Federal Governments and is expected to be completed in October 2023.  The business case is reviewing the existing preserved corridor, refinements to the alignment, station locations and potential staging plans to meet passenger demand and land use in the region. 


MTAG Supports Sunshine Coast Direct Line

  • Our FIRST preference is to see fast/heavy rail from Brisbane to Maroochydore (CAMCOS) with a modern, efficient, flexible, green, bus system connecting ALL the sunshine coast region.

  • We do NOT consider Council's priority of delivering a mass transit system along the coast before CAMCOS to be the best solution to meet the public transport needs of the whole region. 

  • We have been told by numerous government representatives there is not the money at a State or Federal level to do both. 

  • We further believe, to achieve maximum benefit from the Sunshine Coast Direct Line, it needs to run from Beerwah to Maroochydore and should not be staged.

Why Heavy Rail is better than Light Rail for the Region

Research conducted by MTAG over the past 2 years shows the Community prefers a Heavy Rail solution to a Light Rail solution because:

  • Light Rail will not alleviate traffic congestion on the Bruce Highway, Heavy Rail will.

  • Light Rail will not benefit the whole of the Sunshine Coast Region, Heavy Rail will.

  • The Sunshine Coast does not have the population to justify a $2+ billion-dollar investment in Light Rail that only goes for 13km.

  • Southeast Queensland does have the population to justify investment in Heavy Rail.

  • Light Rail does not enable people wanting to visit the Sunshine Coast during the 2032 Olympics to get to the region, Heavy Rail does.

  • Light Rail requires major densification resulting in high rise development along the coastal corridor to justify its existence, Heavy Rail does not.

  • Light Rail threatens to make the Sunshine Coast another Gold Coast, Heavy Rail does not.

Heavy Rail Images

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