Public Consultation

What can you do?

If enough of us speak up, Council has to take notice. Don't think "someone else will do it".  It is going to take a landslide of feedback on the Mass Transit plan to change this Council's mind.  We need everyone to not only participate in the format Council comes up with but to also write submissions to Council once consultation begins.  (if you do it beforehand it will not be included in the consultation results)

You are not limited to one submission.  As long as each submission relates to a different issue, it should be counted. 


All submissions must be in your own words, include your name and address and be signed.  You can email, mail or hand deliver it to Council.   Or if you would prefer, you can email it to us at and we will deliver it to Council for you once consultation commences.

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To make sure any submission you make is recorded by Council, make sure you cc the mailbox and send a copy to your councilor so they know how strong and widespread community concerns are.

Community Consultation Update issued 17/2/2021


Mtag has had several meetings in the past two weeks with Council representative regarding the Mass transit plan.  In particular we met with the new CEO, Emma Thomas, Cr Rick Baberowski and James Coutts (SCRC Program Director Urban Growth) on February 17th. Whilst we were able to gain answers to some of our questions, some items remain a concern.


Key Points of interest:


  • No date has been set for the commencement of public consultation.  Council are still completing the draft "Options Analysis" report and consultation details. 


  • Consultation should commence some time in March and run for 6 weeks or longer if necessary. It will likely run over Easter and the school holidays to capture the visitors view as well.  These views will be separated from resident's views.


  • Consultation will not be based on the content of the Preliminary Business Case Interim Findings report by PwC released in Jan 2020 but the new "Options Analysis Report" when it is finalized.


  • The Options Analysis Report will be released to the public prior to the commencement of consultation.


  • Consultation will be on Transport "Options".  It was stated "many may think the Council is fixated on Light Rail but we are not"... "we are looking at all the public transport options".  New technologies are now going to be included.


  • The densification component of the mass transit plan is not being included in public consultation.  It will be addressed in the new Planning Scheme consultation which will occur in the future.  (We regard this to be a major flaw and have questioned how the consultation can be meaningful if the densification part of the plan is not included)


  • Consultation will explore the "Built Forms" the community want to see in the coastal corridor.  We take this to mean how many stories of high rise the community will tolerate.  We think pretty images of possible medium density dwellings and high density dwellings will be prepared.  We are concerned these images will look good but not necessarily represent what developers will put into place. We must all ask "Do we want these next door to our house"?  


  • It will be a rolling engagement adapting as more feedback is received.


  • It will commence with an online survey which will be used to build up the 2nd and 3rd stages. Visual engagement tools will be used.


  • Round table workshops with "key stakeholders" and community groups will occur.


  • Their aim is to have two design Charettes (A Charrette is a collaborative planning process that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested parties to create and support a master plan that represents transformative community change.)  These are toward the end of the consultation process.


  • Resident Submissions will be a part of the process.


  • Council will be doing the Consultation - not Articulous..  Articulous are there for "Logistical Support".


  • Younger view points are to be canvased through an intergenerational forum which will occur in partnership with the University.

Previous Consultation Updates

Issued 2/2/2021

Unfortunately Council has still not released any information about when they will commence community consultation nor given any indication of what form it will take.  The tender documents released in November indicated Phase 2, "Engagement" was likely to commence late February and extend to early April.


Earlier documents indicated the consultation would be in 3 phases.  The first phase was supposed to be the "inform" phase and commence November 2020.  It would seem the inform phase has been little more than website updates, an online glossy brochure and a few ads asking residents to register with Council for updates.  There have been no face to face information sessions at libraries, shopping centres or community meetings.  There have been no mailouts or flyers produced.  The last Facebook post on mass transit was in October 2020.  This has left us questioning what exactly was the inform phase? 


Cr Joe Natoli's notice of motion on 20 August 2020 called for the draft Preliminary Business Case (now called Options Analysis) to be released to the community so we could see exactly what was in the document that was going to the State Government and use this to guide our feedback during consultation.  The Special Meeting on 27 August then overruled this on the basis this report was "very technical" and should be accompanied by material that would help the community better understand what it was saying.  So where is the draft report and the accompanying explanatory materials? So far neither have been released to the community yet we have supposedly had the "Inform" stage and are now only weeks away from commencing the "Engage" phase?



On Aug 20,  Council voted infavour (7 to 3) of community consultation on this project.  The Mayor, Cr Peter Cox and Cr Terry Landsberg voted against.  Cr Rick Baberowski was out ill.  Disappointingly,  comments he has made following the vote indicate he too would have voted against public consultation.  Thankfully the rest of Council looked out for the people they represent.

Public Consultation is to be in 3 phases with a budget of $300,000 - $400,000

  • Phase 1 "Inform", late 2020

  • Phase 2 "Engage", early 2021 (This is when we must all write to Council)

  • Phase 3 "Feedback", Mid 2021

A public tender process occurred in November 2020 for the phase 2 "engage" stage.  Brisbane company "Articulous" were awared the tender.  Based on the timing outlined in the tender documents (click here to view), the consultation phase should commence late Feb 2021 and run until early April 2021.  The actual form the consultation will take is yet to be announced.  

The tender documents also outlined the "scope" of the engagement phase.  (Click here to view) Disappointingly, important issues such as property impacts and traffic are NOT to being included.  Mtag is urging everyone to therefore write a submission to Council with all your concerns once consultation begins.

Phase 1   "Inform"

This phase is completely run by Council and the community will not have any say into what occurs here nor have the opportunity to give feedback.  Concerns exist that this "inform" stage will not be fully representative of what is being planned.  Decorative images have begun to be released which are not representative of how the actual light rail will look.  Overhead wires, safety barriers, warning signage and the accompanying high-rises around the stations have all been omitted.  

Council image of light rail











Actual images of light rail (Click image to view all)












Disappointingly Council officers and some Councilors have also begun to play down the densification levels proposed in the plan.  They are now saying high density is not planned but rather only medium density and the population levels are not expected to be a high as Cr Natoli has claimed.  This is despite earlier Council documents referencing "High" density and Council's own documents showing a plan to increase the capacity of the 13km stretch to 5 times the levels of population and dwellings that are currently there now. 

Mtag will continue to inform the public  to ensure the full details of what is being planned are known, not just the sanitized version Council wants people to hear!

Phase 2 "Engage"  

Brisbane based consultancy "Articulous" will conduct this phase of the consultation on behalf of the Council.

The consultation will include up to 6 public transport options with a focus on the three options that were shortlisted in the Preliminary Business Case Interim findings report Jan 2020:

  • An upgrade of bus lanes on the sides of the major roads with new specially branded buses to provide a 'Quality Bus Corridor'.

  • A bus rapid transit system much like light rail but with electric buses up to 25 metres long.

  •  A light rail system with 45 metres long trams running in their own right of way mostly in the centre of the major roads.

We are lead to believe the following will not be included for public feedback:

  • alternative transport networks

  • other mass transit modes, route alignments and station locations

  • property impacts

  • consideration of construction processes including timeframes, staging and impacts

  • Detailed traffic modelling

  • detailed layouts of road and lane configurations 

  • operational elements such as fares, schedules and integration with existing services

  • Densification levels planned.

Exactly what form the public consultation will take is yet to be announced.  These details will be made available as soon as Mtag knows.


Phase 3 "Feedback"  

The community will not be involved in Stage three.  This is where the results of Phase 2 are compiled and presented back to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council for inclusion in the final "Options Analysis" report.


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