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Sunshine Coast Regional Council Election.
Saturday 16 March 2024

On Saturday March 16th, we will be asked to elect a new Sunshine Coast Regional Council.  This includes a Mayor and 10 Councillors. Voting is compulsory.

There is a strong feeling in the community that the current Council has failed to listen to residents.   Light Rail was progressed, despite the concerns of the Community, and now we are facing a draft town plan that is looking to put the large majority of the new arrivals, out to 2041, into the coastal corridor.  Quiet, residential, coastal streets are being targeted for greater densities and heights.  The draft of this new 2024 Planning Scheme has already been sent to the State Government for review.  It will not be until late 2024 that we, the residents who must live with it, will get to see what is truely being planned.

At MTAG we want a new Council that will:

  • Deliver better public transport for the whole region now.

  • Actively persues the delivery of Heavy Passenger Rail from Beerwah to Maroochydore.

  • Supports a public transport system in the future that caters to the whole region's needs; is flexible and green and does not put fixed barriers and infrastructure along our beach strip.

  • Is willing to review the draft 2024 Planning Scheme and reassess the plan to densify and put high-rise along our coastal strip.

MTAG Candidate Questionnaire

MTAG has asked all candidates to complete a questionannaire outlining their views on public transport and the current housing planning. 

Click here to view the questionnaire:


Divisional Candidate.

We have advised candidates that no response will be taken to mean they agree with the following:

  1. 1.  The current Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Southern Sunshine Coast Public transport strategy and their decision to proceed with Rapid Bus Transit in a dedicated lane along our coastal strip.


  3. 2.  The current Sunshine Coast Regional Council plan to house the large majority of the future population growth out to 2041, in the Coastal corridor between Maroochydore and Caloundra.


We thank all of those candidates who took the time to respond and provide well thought out answers.  Unfortunately some candidates did not take the opportunity to let resident's know their views so we can only assume they are in agreeance with the two statemement above. 


To view candidate's answers, see below.

Mayoral Candidates

As at 3 February 2024

The following Mayoral candidates did not complete a questionnaire but provided other responses:

  • Jason O'Pray

  • Min Swan

Please note Jason O’Pray provided an email and Min Swan provided a Position Statement which MTAG has accepted as their responses.  We acknowledge neither  reflect direct answers to the specifics raised in the questionnaire.

Rosanna palm image_edited.jpg

Rosanna Natoli

View Website

Min Swan.jpg

Min Swan

View Website

No Questionnaire Response

Jason O'Pray_edited.jpg

Jason O'Pray
(Current Cr Div 8)

View Website

 View Email
No Questionnaire

Divisional Candidates
Questionnaire Responses

As at 7 February 2024. 

Thank you to all the Divisional Candidates who took the time to respond. 

  • Click on "View Response" to see a candidate's answers.

  • "No Response" means the candidate did NOT complete our questionnaire.

  • 'Awaiting Response" means this candidate is a later nominee, who we have only just contacted. 

  • "Responded" means the candidate has responded and their answers will be available shortly.

  • CC = Current Councillor

  • AJP = Animal Justice Party

  • G = Greens Party


Division 1

Jenny Broderick       View Response

Kristy Taylor-Rose    No Response

Stan Nawrocki             No Response

Division 2

Terry Landsberg (CC)  No Response

Michael Foreman    No response 

Pamela Mariko (AJP) No Contact Information

Cindy Jensen              View Response

Division 3          

Alister Eisman          View Response

Tim Burns                    View Response 

Kym Willing               No Contact Information


Division 4

Joe Natoli (CC)        View Response

Mark Gilbert             View Response

John Connolly         View Response

Mark Wadeson        View Response


Division 5

Winston Johnston (CC) No Response 

Tracy Burton (G)         Response

Richard Bruinsma      No Response  


Division 6

Christian Dickson (CC)  View Response   


Division 7

Ted Hungerford (CC)  No Response   

Ken MacKenzie           View Response

Sue Woodbury (AJP) No Response

Deborah Moseley (G) View Response

Division 8

Taylor Bunnag          View Response             

Kathryn Hyman       View Response             

Walter Johnson        View Response          

Tim Ryan                       No Response (email)


Division 9

Maria Suarez (CC)  View Response    

Dr Suzie Campin       View Response

Bruce Dunne               No Response          

ai lma

Division 10

David Law (CC)       View Response         

Peter Walsh                View Response

Camillo Primavera  View Response

Sue Etheridge (G) View Response

Divisional Candidates
Contact Details

Division 1

Jenny Broderick       

Kristy Taylor-Rose    

Stan Nawrocki            

Division 2

Terry Landsberg(CC) 

Michael Foreman     

Cindy Jensen             

Pamela Mariko(AJP)        No contact information             

Division 3

Alister Eisman            

Tim Burns                       

Kym Willing                             No contact information


Division 4

Joe Natoli (CC)           

Mark Gilbert               

Mark Wadeson          

John Connolly           


Division 5

Winston Johnston (CC)                                        

Tracy Burton (G)       

Richard Bruinsma    

Division 6

Christian Dickson (CC)

Division 7

Ted Hungerford (CC)    

Ken MacKenzie          

Deborah Moseley(G)

Sue Woodbury (AJP)

Division 8

Taylor Bunnag          

Kathryn Hyman       

Walter Johnson        

Tim Ryan                       


Division 9

Maria Suarez (CC) 

Dr Suzie Campin      

Bruce Dunne               

Division 10

David Law (CC)                   

Peter Walsh                

Camillo Primavera

Sue Etheridge (G)       

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