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Mass Transit Master Plan


Mass Transit 1st priority

Source: Draft Options Analysis Report April 2021

Listen to the noise Light Rail Makes!

Latest Update

On April 28th 2021, the Sunshine Coast Council released their latest Mass Transit report titled "The Draft Options Analysis Report".  This report deems the coastal corridor from Maroochydore to Birtinya  as the first transport priority for the Coast.  Operational by 2027.  They are proposing a fixed infrastructure public transport network along this 13.6km stretch at a cost of over $2 billion.  They refer to this as "mass transit".  All the other options such as heavy rail along the Camcos corridor are deemed to be further down the priority list. 


The community consultation that occurred from April 28th to June 22nd was based on this mass transit priority and the details outlined in the Draft Options Analysis report.  It is important to note that the previous version of this report was called the "Preliminary Business Case interim Findings report" and is what this website is based on.


The information in this new report is the next advancement of the information in the earlier report.  Little has changed. There are now 9 transport options being considered for the Coastal corridor from Maroochydore to Kawana but Light Rail remains in the mix and still remains one of the preferred options for advancement to the next stage. 


Of the 9 options, Council has shortlisted only 5 as viable options for the future:

  • Quality Bus Corridor

  • Rapid Bus Transit

  • Light Rail

  • Light rail without overhead wires

  • Trackless Tram

The report indicates the last 4 options above will definitely be progressed to the next stage, (The Detailed Business Case) whilst the Quality Bus Corridor MAY be progressed but as a staging option or as an ultimate option.

All 4 definite options are only along the coastal strip and do not benefit the whole of the Sunshine Coast.  All are similar to Light Rail in that they will run down the centre of the road and would create a barrier along the beach.  All would require lanes to be removed, property resumptions and enable higher density living along the corridor.  All will cost in excess of $2billion each To learn more click here.


We do NOT consider any of the options being offered to you are the answer to current or future population or transport problems on the Coast. The preferred options do NOT benefit the whole of the Sunshine Coast. Instead they focus only on 13.6km and transport modes that best deliver higher population densities in this 13.6km.

Our FIRST preference is to see fast/heavy rail from Brisbane to Maroochydore (Camcos) with a modern, efficient, flexible, green, bus system connecting ALL the sunshine coast region.

But Council’s FIRST priority is this 13.6km mass transit system extending from Maroochydore to Birtinya (SCUH), in place by 2027. 

The Preliminary Business Case Details


Shaded area represents potential high-rise development 

Number of dwellings likely to increase by 5 times the current number!

PWC Preliminary Business Case Interim Findings
Jan 2020 P 13

The light rail they are proposing will have overhead wires and fixed steel tracks and will form a barrier along the beach.

overhead wires.jpg

Watch Cr Joe Natoli's share his thoughts as he rides the Light Rail on the Gold Coast

Click here 

Cr Joe Natoli explains Mass Transit and Increased Density in simple terms.

Listen to to what Cr Joe Natoli thinks about these plans

Some Councillors actually think this is a good idea!! Why?

Who are the Councilors responsible for this plan? 

The Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Cross Departmental Working Group was established in Aug 2018 to steer the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project. 

The Working Group Comprised of: Mayor Mark Jamieson, Cr Tim Dwyer, Cr Rick Baberowski, Cr Christian Dickson, Cr Peter Cox, Cr John Connolly, and Cr Jason O'Pray

Following the March 2020 election the Working Group was re-established as the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Control Group Comprising:

Mayor Mark Jamieson, Cr Rick Baberowski, Cr Peter Cox, and Cr Christian Dickson.

  • For 2 years the Sunshine coast Council have been working on this and not consulted residents.

  • They are proposing to put a light rail from Maroochydore to Caloundra and heavily densifying the population along where it goes.

  • This is not just about Light Rail

  • This is about putting high-rise from Maroochydore to Caloundra.

  • Stage 1 = 13km from Maroochydore to the University Hospital

  • Stage 2 is University Hospital to Caloundra

  • In the 13km in Stage 1,  Sunshine Coast Council plan to:

    • Put up to 5 times more dwellings along the 13km.  This will mean mass highrise along our beach corridor.

    • Increase building heights and density 400m either side of where the Light Rail runs.


The plan will:

  • Increase dwellings from 11,209 now, to a capacity of up to 50,761 

  • This would increase population from 23,222 to 103,495

This puts almost half of the region's expected population growth into this 13km!

This will mean:

  • more cars on the road not less

  • less parking

  • greater congestion

  • more crime

  • ugly infrastructure along our beaches

  • increased traffic and tram noise

  • Loss of privacy

  • Increased multi storey apartment buildings

Light Rail is being chosen because it achieves the greatest "urban transformation" not because it is the best transport system for the community!

light rail gc.jpg
  • Stage 1 Light Rail to run from Maroochydore Town Centre to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital​

    • Segment 1 Maroochydore Rd

    • Segment 2 Aerodrome Rd

    • Segment 3 Alexandra Pde and Venning St

    • Segment 4 Mooloolaba

    • Segment 5 Mooloolaha River

    • Segment 6 Nicklin Way

    • Segment 7 Birtinya Town Centre

  • 16 proposed stops,  Propose to increase densification 400m around stops

  • Stops to be 500m to 1km apart

  • Stage 2  - light rail to run from  University Hospital to Caloundra (9km) will have 9 stops and more high-rise!

And what comes first?

High-Rise? or Light Rail?


This is what is happening on the Gold Coast

This will impact Everyone on the Sunshine Coast!

$11.5 million spent already and another $15 million planned

We need a public transport solution but this is not it!

This will destroy our Lifestyle!

The Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project has little to do with a public transport solution for the region, and everything to do with rezoning for higher density development along our coast.

If we don't stop it, we will become another Gold Coast!


when they say they are planning for only medium density. 

Their own documents prove otherwise!

Transport map wording.jpg

Below is what Council mean by medium and high density!

If the mass transit plan goes ahead they will need 5 times the dwellings that are currently in this corridor to accommodate the population numbers they are planning.

Density chart.jpg

Jarrod Bleijie MP, State member for Kawana

Parliamentary speech March 23 2021

Re Public Consultation shortfalls

Andrew Wallace MP, Federal Member for Fisher

Presentation Mtag dinner 9 November 2020

Fiona Simpson MP, State member for Maroochydore

Parliamentary Speech February 25th 2021

Fiona Simpson MP, State member for Maroochydore

Press Conference January 29th 2021

Fiona Simpson MP, State member for Maroochydore

Parliamentary speech Dec 3,  2020

Jarrod Bleijie MP, State member for Kawana

Parliamentary speech Dec 3,  2020


Jarrod Bleijie MP, State member for Kawana

Parliamentary speech Aug 12,  2020

jarrod aug 7.jpg

Who is MTAG?

We are the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Action Group Inc.  We are a "not for profit", incorporated community organization made up of a group of concerned residents who live across all of the Sunshine Coast.  We believe the Sunshine Coast Regional Council is doing the right thing in addressing the issue of population growth and congestion, but feel strongly, light rail and its associated medium and high rise development  is NOT THE RIGHT solution for the future.   We are committed to ensuring that the  Mass Transit Business Case reflects the needs and aspirations of the community. 

Office Bearers:

President: Tracey Goodwin-McDonald

Secretary: Greg Smith

Treasurer: Marilyn Munro

What do our State and Federal Politicians think of the Mass Transit Plan?

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