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Shaded area represents potential high-rise development 

Number of dwellings likely to increase by over 4 times the current number!

PWC Preliminary Business Case Interim Findings
Jan 2020 P 13

The light rail they are proposing will have overhead wires and fixed steel tracks and will form a barrier along the beach.

Some Councillors think this is a good idea

Listen to to what Cr Joe Natoli thinks about these plans

Mtag is a volunteer community group that needs your help. 


  • This is not just about Light Rail

  • This is about putting high-rise from Maroochydore to Caloundra.

  • Stage 1 = 13km from Maroochydore to the University Hospital

  • Stage 2 is University Hospital to Caloundra

  • In the 13km in Stage 1,  Sunshine Coast Council plan to:

    • Increase the Housing Density along the 13km.  This will mean mass highrise along our beach corridor.

    • Building heights and density will be increased 400m either side of where the Light Rail runs.


Almost a 1km wide stretch of Highrise for 13km!  

  • Increase dwellings from 11,209 now to a capacity of up to 50,761  = 353%

  • This would increase population from 23,222 to 103,495 = 346%

This puts almost half of the region's expected population growth into this 13km!

  • This will put more cars on the road not less: could increase to as many as 86,000 a day even with the Light Rail.  Currently around 19,000.

  • Reduce Nicklin Way to 2 lanes each way

  • Light Rail is being chosen because it achieves the greatest "urban transformation" not because it is the best transport system for the community!

This will make us another Gold Coast

  • Stage 1 Light Rail to run from Maroochydore Town Centre to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital​

    • Segment 1 Maroochydore Rd

    • Segment 2 Aerodrome Rd

    • Segment 3 Alexandra Pde and Venning St

    • Segment 4 Mooloolaba

    • Segment 5 Mooloolaha River

    • Segment 6 Nicklin Way

    • Segment 7 Birtinya Town Centre

  • 16 proposed stops,  Propose to increase densification 400m around stops

  • Stops to be 500m to 1km apart

  • Stage 2  - light rail to run from  University Hospital to Caloundra (9km) will have 9 stops and more high-rise!

And what comes first?

High-Rise? or Light Rail?

This is what is happening on the Gold Coast

This will impact Everyone on the Sunshine Coast!

$8.5 million spent already and another $15 million planned

We need a public transport solution but this is not it!

This will destroy our Lifestyle!

Listen to the noise Light Rail Makes!

Mtag needs your continued support.

We need to produce more flyers, posters and bumper stickers.

Please help.

Don't Let them make us another Gold Coast

The Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Cross Departmental Working Group was established in Aug 2018 to steer the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project.

The Working Group Comprised of:

Mayor Mark Jamieson

Cr Tim Dwyer

Cr Rick Baberowski

Cr Christian Dickson

Cr Peter Cox

Cr John Connolly

Cr Jason O'Pray

Following the March 2020 election the Working Group was re-established as the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Control Group Comprising:

Mayor Mark Jamieson

Cr Rick Baberowski

Cr Peter Cox

Cr Christian Dickson

Public Consultation Update

The Council is yet to announce what public consultation will involve.  We believe we will get to provide feedback commencing Feb 2021.  It is essential we all write to Council with our thoughts once this starts in February.  It is the only way our voices will count.  Until then do everything you can to spread the word.  There are still many people who have no idea this is coming.

Let's Get our Voices Heard

Print out the sign below and display it where others will see it 

Thanks to the generosity of a local Sunshine Coast design business, we now have a great sign we can print and display.

Download it, print it out and share it with as many people as possible.  Get it up in shop windows, on fences, wherever it can be seen.  Tell Council what you think of the Mass Transit Project.



when they say they are planning for only medium density. 

Their own documents prove otherwise!

Below is a Population Map 2041 with Mass Transit Program

Presented SCC Special Meeting Aug 27 2020

The Dark Red is the highest level of population. 

Look how much dark red there is along the 13km Light Rail Stretch

And below is what they mean by high density!

If the mass transit plan goes ahead they will need 5 times the dwellings that are currently in this corridor to accommodate the population numbers they are planning.

Latest Press Release Thursday October 8th 2020

Thanks to the Mass Transit plan we won’t be the same as the Gold Coast, we will be worse!


Most people you speak to say they do not want the Sunshine Coast to become another Gold Coast.  How do they feel about becoming worse than the Gold Coast?  Staggering numbers provided to Mtag this week suggest if the Mass Transit Project progresses as outlined in the PwC interim report in January 2020, the population per hectare of the Sunshine Coast urban corridor could, by 2041, be over 3 times more than what is currently on the Gold Coast light rail corridor.


The figures reveal the current population in the Gold Coast Light Rail Corridor of Surfers Paradise, Mermaid Beach, Broadbeach, Miami and Burleigh Heads is 57,000 people or 28 people per hectare.  The plan outlined in the PwC document proposes a population capacity for the Sunshine Coast urban corridor of up to 105,000 people or a staggering 84 people per hectare. (Stage 1)


Gold Coast Light Corridor

Surfers Paradise                                          46 people per hectare

Mermaid Beach Broadbeach              44 people per hectare

Miami                                                                  25 people per hectare

Burleigh Heads                                              11 people per hectare.

Total                                                                     28 people per hectare

Source: profile.id.com


David Wilson resident and retired civil engineer who prepared these numbers said:

“I know the Council like to talk about dwellings but I want to talk about people.  People mean cars. And all these extra people are going to need a car because 13km of light rail is not going to get them everywhere they want to go.  I was on the Gold Coast 10 days ago.  It has a light rail and you can’t move.”


The interim Preliminary Business Case Findings released in January 2020 says the Mass Transit plan for the Sunshine Coast will include the introduction of a 13km light rail corridor from Maroochydore to Kawana accompanied by massive densification along this corridor.  In particular the plan seeks to increase dwellings from the current 11,000 to a capacity of 50,000 and take the population from the current 23,000 to potentially 105,000. The proposal mirrors stage 1 of the Gold Coast Light Rail Project.



David Wilson said:

“The definition of stupidity is repeating something that has gone wrong before and hoping for a different result.  Light Rail and the extra people that come with it will just make matters worse in the Sunshine Coast Urban Corridor”.


Council are down playing these numbers by saying these capacity numbers are “theoretical” and the actual “take up” of people in the area will be more like 55,000 than 105,000 people.  This would mean 44 people per hectare, still almost double the Gold Coast.  The PwC report also notes these take up numbers are conservative and could be higher.  It further states an “urbanization kit” will be developed to assist this ”take up.”

So, the question has to be asked, what is the real number of people being planned for this corridor?  According to Council and the SEQ Regional plan we will need to accommodate an extra 215,000 residents by 2041. If the population of stage 1 of the urban corridor is only going to be 55,000 this would only account for an extra 32,000 people so where do the other 183,000 people go?  What public transport system is being planned for these people? Why are Council planning on spending over $1.5billion on Light Rail for an extra 32,000 people and leaving 183,000 with no plan.  This just does not make sense.

The SEQ Regional plan also sets a target of 62% of the growth to be accommodate in “infill” areas and 38% in greenfields. So where else do Council plan to put the extra infill if it is not going into the urban corridor?

David Wilson believes the answer lies in the PwC January document where it states:

“Through the Strategic Business Case, the urban transformation corridor between Maroochydore and Caloundra has been designated as the “Sunshine Coast Urban Corridor”.  This corridor has been identified as providing a significant opportunity to accommodate the Shaping SEQ required infill development target.” (PBC interim report Page 10)

David says:

“The intention is clear, the urban corridor is where they plan to put the majority of the infill target and until this is categorically denied and other target infill areas are identified and confirmed with published infill targets, I will believe nothing else.”

Public Consultation is due to occur in early 2021 where the community will get to have their say on the project. 

Latest Developments

Latest Media Coverage

Sunshine Coast Daily Article  Friday October 9, 2020

The Money Train, Light Rail Investigations near $12 Million

On Friday October 9, the Sunshine Coast Daily ran a great article on the Light Rail project. Entitled "The Money Train, Light Rail Investigations near $12 million", the article highlights exactly how much money has been spent on this project since 2011. Written by Scott Sawyer, the article states:

"Almost $12 million has been spent or committed to light rail and mass transit investigations since 2011, as work continues on an options analysis for the estimated $2 billion project."

The article quotes Cr Natoli:

"Division 4 Councillor Joe Natoli expressed some concern with the level of spending to-date on the mass transit project, fearing federal support for a heavy rail (fast rail) business case would leave the light rail project "dead in the water".

"He questioned where the remainder of the 200,000 more people estimated to move to the region would be accommodated, if not along the mass transit corridor, and voiced his concern that the extra public consultation may prove to be a "public snow job propaganda campaign".


The article also includes details of the latest press release by Mtag (See Below)

"The Mass Transit Action Group this week called on council to reveal the "real number" of people being planned for the corridor. The group claimed based on numbers in the PwC report released in January 2020, the urban corridor could have up to three times more people per hectare than the Gold Coast light rail corridor, by 2041.

David Wilson, who prepared the data for the group, said the interim report had shown a clear intention to put the majority of the region's infill target in the urban corridor."

Paywall applies to full article


Update on Public Consultation


On Aug 20,  Council voted infavour (7 to 3) of community consultation on this project.  Only the Mayor, Cr Peter Cox and Cr Terry Landsberg voted against.  Cr Rick Baberowski was out ill.  Disappointingly,  comments he has made following the vote indicate he too would have voted against public consultation.  

Public Consultation is to be in 3 phases with an estimated budget of $300,000.

Phase 1 Inform, late 2020

Phase 2 Engage, early 2021 (This is when we must all write to Council)

Phase 3 Feedback, Mid 2021

Of concern, council officers recommended on Aug 27, the final Preliminary Business Case (now renamed “Options Analysis”) not be released until “simpler literature”, that people can understand, is produced to support the inform phase. This is against Cr Joe Natoli’s motion on Aug 20  that sought to have the report released in September. The report is not likely to be released now until early 2021.

Also, disappointingly Council officers and some Councillors have begun to play down the densification levels proposed in the plan.  They are now saying high density is not planned but rather only medium density and the population levels are not expected to be a high as Cr Natoli has claimed.  This is despite earlier Council documents referencing "High" density and their own documents showing a plan to increase the capacity of the 13km stretch to 5 times the levels of population and dwellings that are currently there now.

So we have community consultation but we need to continue to work hard to ensure it is meaningful, truthful and listened to.


Transit plan dubbed ‘biggest threat’ to Coast lifestyle


Extract from Sunshine Coast Daily Article August 19, 2020
















Thank you to the Sunshine Coast Daily for covering the  joint press conference with Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie, Cr Joe Natoli and Mtag calling for Public Consultation to occur on the Mass Transit Project before it is too late.

The following is an extract of SCD article

A "reality check" is coming for the Sunshine Coast Council according to one councillor who will push for more public feedback on a major project.

Kawana MP Jarrod Bleijie stood beside councillor Joe Natoli on Wednesday morning in a joint effort to call on the council to undertake more public consultation on the mass transit plan.  They said the infill development associated with the project was not discussed with residents, despite the potential for it to have a "significant" impact on the region's lifestyle.

Mr Bleijie said the draft plan stated if light rail was to go ahead, infill development between Caloundra and Maroochydore would be needed to accommodate for an additional 80,000 residents.  But he said light rail was unlikely to ease traffic congestion or solve public transport problems on the Coast.

"We all love the lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast and the biggest threat to that lifestyle right now is this mass transit plan," Mr Bleijie said. He said the infill development could not be achieved without the resumption of homes and businesses along Nicklin Way.

Cr Natoli said residents needed to be consulted on the plan now.

"In the past council has consulted on whether it should be light rail or bus services, but what we need to know and tell the community is about the urbanisation strategy because it's an enabler to make this project work," Cr Natoli said.


The Sunshine Coast Daily also reported support for public consultation from former Liberal MP Ian MacFarlane.


Mooloolaba and the Spit Association president Ian Macfarlane said the organisation "fully supports" open consultation on the mass transit plans.

The former Federal Liberal MP and Minister said the group had been "horrified" by some of the things they'd heard, particularly in relation to high-rise development and increased density along the proposed corridor.

Mr Macfarlane said Mooloolaba was already a "highly-congested area", and would remain so while Brisbane Rd was still to be duplicated.

(Paywall applies to full article]

Letter to the Editor

My Weekly Preview August 14th 2020